Foto de la familia Forcadell la familia Forcadell en sus campos de naranjos campos de naranjos de la familia forcadell nuestros campos de naranjos, naranjas recién recogidas naranjas forcadell toda una vida dedicada a las naranjas mandarinas recién recogidas
For more than 50 years and 3 generations, who grow oranges
We offer top quality oranges, freshly picked from the tree
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We send our oranges from the tree to your home, without loss of quality and saving bear the weight of them.
When presenting our fruit we want to do it from the standpoint of traditional as possible. So our fruit tree goes straight to your destination in a minimum time.
Our fruit is picked from the tree with different sizes and characteristics deferens sometimes even with its imperfections, this quality is orange. We understand that a tree gives us what the tree produces and so we like to get to the destination that is ... YOUR HOME.


Terms of Use:


    • Orders will be delivered Monday or Tuesday so they can reach out to you in the same week.
    • No se prepararán los viernes ni días anteriores a un festivo. Queremos que el producto te llegue al día siguiente y si hay un festivo o un fin de semana se pasará varios días en un almacén logístico.
    • The weight of the box means gross, with box included.
    • Orders paid by transfer.

    Orders are placed by filling the form or by email.

    • To receive regular order, simply ask us.
    • There will be times that the weather, either rain, high humidity well, not allow preparing orders. It is better for you to delay the order, because a wet mandarin orange has a lower shelf because we do not treat the collected orange with fungicides.



    The orange in your home can hold between 15 and 20 days at room temperature, but it is better to keep them in a cool, ventilated and protected from direct sunlight. The galleries or sheltered outdoor locations are a good place for the conservation of oranges during the fall and winter.
    No need to keep them in the fridge, but will be consumed in several weeks, the oranges are consumed later is good store a few days in the refrigerator. But 24-48h before consuming oranges, remove from the refrigerator, the cold makes scoring less juice when juicing.